The Rise Of The Kosher Private Chef

If you have ever asked yourself “Do I Really Need a Kosher Private Chef?” then you need to really take a look at the situation and ask yourself some hard questions. The first question you should ask yourself is if it really is necessary to have a Kosher chef for your restaurant or other catering service. The second question is, do I have time to spend training my own Kosher chef? The third question, will I be able to find a willing kosher chef who will work under me in order to provide the catering services for my restaurant?

The first question really needs to be, do I have the time and resources available to hire a Kosher private chef? The second question, do I have the time and resources available to train my own Kosher chef? The third question, do I have the willingness and resources available to find and select a qualified Kosher chef? The fourth question, will I be able to affordably provide for the food services of my restaurant with the help of a Kosher chef?

Now that we have established the answer to the first two questions we can move on to the third question, which is a harder one. Would hiring a Kosher chef make sense for our restaurant in January of 2020? If we plan on opening for the holiday season in January, then we would want our chefs to be highly trained and fully certified Kosher cooks. In most cases, these types of chefs also have several months of experience in the kitchen. This means, in most instances, that our Kosher chefs would have been working in their kitchens for six months prior to coming to our restaurant.

However, since the holiday season has started many chefs have found it easier to receive certification from a less stringent agency. While there is nothing wrong with this, we still need to look at the wages being paid to our chefs as compared to those paid by a kosher private chef. Most Kosher certified chefs make between two to four hundred dollars per hour. Compare this to the hourly wage of a home chef who makes thirty to fifty dollars per hour.

In many cases, the pay difference between the two types of chefs can be drastic. For example, if we are a full service restaurant and prepare all of the food and beverages ourselves, then the pay differences may not be as dramatic. However, if we took only one or two meals a week, then the difference in pay would be more drastic. Most Kosher private chefs are making six figure salaries.

Most Kosher certified chefs are required to take an additional two or three years to complete their training. Many of these six years can be spent working in the field for another chef in the same home and learn the exact techniques and methods of the trade. Once the certification is earned, then you will be ready to step out into your own home kitchen and begin preparing meals for your loved ones and guests. A Kosher chef, like any other professional chef, has the ability to start his or her own business if they are so inclined. Other than being certified by the Jewish Dietary laws, there are no other requirements that must be met for a person to open their own Kosher food store.

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